Camp Marshall Biography

The Wuppertal musicians Marcel Sachsenröder and Patrick Felbel had already finished with the the hustle and bustle of the music market, preferring to devote themselves to art and their families. 

For many years they performed on national and international stages: Bassist Patrick Felbel gained his musical experience primarily in rock, cover and metal combos. Marcel Sachsenröder, a universal artist, made his mark in the scene with the Britrock band Beat The Waves, and has also worked successfully as a music producer for numerous bands and institutions. With growing success, extra-musical projects outside of music came into their focus as well. But the ideas that came up during countless jam sessions, have never let go of the musicians. Due to the closely intertwined music scene in Wuppertal, the two players had known each other for a long time. So the idea to work as a producer team in the studio was initialized and the recordings for their debut "Gravitales" under the name of Camp Marshall could begin.

The production stretched over four years: ideas were found and de-veloped, guest musicians were searched for and the pandemic did not make it easy for the duo to develop. Despite all the imponderables, the duo did not let themselves be stopped: They took a lot of time for the elaboration of their ideas, in Mareen Spinger (vocals) and Norbert 

Martin (trumpet) they found the right line-up for guest appearances. Eventually they found their way to the mastering legend Eroc, who has been re-fining Marcel Sachsenröder's musical productions since 2006.

The earthy beats and bass-rich foundations are sometimes melodic sometimes crashing complemented by guitars and piano. 
Playful and detailed also a theremin, a glockenspiel or an entire 
 whole orchestra is used to take the listener again and again into the sound worlds of Camp Marshall. The listener discovers sophisticated arrangements, embedded in elegant lightness and sophisticated walls of sound. The figurative language influenced by English poets like William Blake and the expressive voice of singer Marcel, give the overall sound an "authentic urban feeling".

The two Wuppertaler act genre-spreading and do not commit themselves to a certain style: "In the development phase of a song, we are free of boundaries and develop each idea individually," says bassist Patrick. "Independent pop" is the most likely, trying to give their debut album "Gravitales" a direction. Influenced by artists like David Bowie, Dredg or The Stone Roses, Camp Marshall gives the term "independent pop" a new definition.

For the first step back into the "business" the duo chose the single P.P.D. (Radio Edit). With a specially produced music video and many innovative designs Camp Marshall was able to generate numerous streams, first fans and positive reactions. After a long struggle to find the right label, the beginning of 2023 finally saw the release of the debut album "Gravitales" was finally released digitally.


>>And you walk right on, grab the stars to see...<<

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